Ventilators & Louvres

Roof ventilators are used in all types of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.

A major benefit of our ventilators is that it requires zero maintenance, unlike other smoke ventilators. It is a low cost solution and provides more advantages than standard static smoke ventilators. Flashpro’s ventilators will suit your needs for effective day to day ventilation and at the same time provides you the peace of mind of a reliable lifesaving device that you can depend on.

Why is ventilation so important?

According to fire and safety the installation of ventilators is very important in the case of a fire.
The Ventilator allows the hot air and smoke to escape to prevent the steel structure from melting and collapsing. Under normal circumstances the ventilator allows warm to escape especially in high temperature buildings such as boiler houses and smelters.

The use of louvres helps cross air flow ventilation in a building and the removal of hot stale air.
Our louvres can be manufactured in various sizes and depths (To fit in Cladding or Brickwork)and special anti-rain blades on request.


  • Approved Fire rated natural ventilator
  • Tested extraction
  • Full benefit of constant natural and smoke ventilation
  • Proven reliability
  • Special fire and heat resistant bearing system
  • Positive continuous extraction
  • No maintenance
  • Low cost solutions
  • Dust resistant


Available for slope or ridge mounting. Standard lengths of 1.200/2.000/2.450. Special size on request.


All figures are approximate